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Bray and Oakley Insurance Agency has been serving the Southern Coalfields of West Virginia since 1920. Our commitment and service to our customers has extended past our home state due to high demand and we now have locations in Kentucky as well. If you are need of lower rates plus better coverages please give us a call or request a quote above today.

Erie Insurance For The Commonwealth Of Kentucky

Living in The Commonwealth of Kentucky and other fine communities across the United States can have hidden risks, such as weather, vehicular accidents and potential health problems. But you can get great deals on coverage like auto insurance, life insurance and homeowners insurance from a variety of insurance companies. So if you are looking for just an insurance quote, you might miss out on a better deal from another insurance company offering similar service and coverage levels as the Insurance Company. But if you want to find great deals on auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance and health insurance, then our site is your best resource for making insurers compete for your business by giving you their best rates on quality insurance.

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It does not matter if you are looking for insurance quotes or want estimates from any other insurance companies, you can’t be sure you are getting the best deal without taking the time to look further into the companies offering car insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance and health insurance. So is you just get an insurance quote and look no more, you could be missing out on the best deal for you. Many great insurance companies specialize in coverage for many people meeting a variety of factors, such as owning multiple vehicles, owning a home and having multiple policies with one insurer, such as home, life and auto coverage. We make those insurance companies compete to earn your hard-earned insurance dollars.

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While we cannot guarantee you will get the best savings with our Erie quote, our agency and its free and 100 percent secure quote request can help you save money if Erie is not the best fit for you. What we can do is ensure you will get several quotes on coverages just as good and possibly better for car insurance, life insurance, health insurance and homeowners insurance. It takes only a few moments providing just the basic information needed to get us to give you an accurate quote on great auto, life, home and health insurance coverage from reputable insurers like State Auto, Progressive and many others licensed to do business in your state. If you want insurance quotes for specific coverages, an insurance representative from our agency would be your best source. But if you are looking for the best deal on auto, home, life and health insurance from the nation’s best insurance companies as well as more local insurers specializing in your area, our request tool is your best bet for saving on your current annual insurance costs.

Right in the heart of Kentucky is a company that has deep roots in American business lore.  What started out as a mission to provide local Pennsylvania residents with low cost auto insurance in 1925 turned into a classic American business success story of epic proportions.   During the roaring 20s, a local Pennsylvania businessman Mr. Hirt started the Erie Ins. company, as the tale goes with less than $1 dollar.  Try starting an Auto Insurance company today with $1 and see how far you go.  He grew the insurance business by listening to customers and always putting the needs of the customers first while offering the lowest possible rates – which at the time were around $30 a year for comprehensive automobile coverage.  The early philosophy imbedded in the company by Mr Hirt was simple yet effective.  It was to give the absolute best possible insurance, with the best service, at the lowest possible cost.  At The Erie, those words are an active way of life to the thousands of employees and agents who represent the company and it is the way we do business today.  For over 50 years and through several presidents, numerous wars and recessions, Mr. Hirt stood by his founding principles.  Through the loyalty of its valued customers, he carefully grew the insurance carrier into one of the nation’s largest as the leader of Erie for over 50 years.

Today, Erie has expanded into not only one of the largest insurance providers in the United States but one of the 500 largest American companies according to Fortune Magazine.  Currently, Erie Auto Insurance is the second largest automobile insurer in Pennsylvania and the 13th largest auto insurance provider in the nation.  The company also has secured insurance licenses in 11 states and broadened it’s coverage to include Homeowners, Business and Life Insurance coverage.  The company sells its line of insurance through highly trained and carefully selected professional Insurance agents.  Each year, the company spends significant time on agent training and instills the core values of the company in each new employee that helped make it grow into the success it is today.

Although the company sells policies almost primarily through its agent force, in recent years It has begun to embrace the internet and slowly shift its marketing activity and resources online to enable quoting online for car insurance. Customers can get a quote and chat with representatives online about any question or concerns they might have.  Also, any current customer can go to the company website and look at up to the minute claim information and view and pay their bill online. But with our company we still feel like talking with one of our agents is your best opportunity to save money and get a better value and coverage because of our many years of expertise and knowledge.

Erie is one of the most financially stable and secure insurance companies in the world.  Year after year the company earns an A+ rating by A.M Best and other reporting firms and believes in prudent, safe financial management.  This stability has allowed it to not only survive in difficult economic times but thrive and gain customers from competitors that have gone under.  Insurance is frankly about peace of mind and Erie’s customers can be assured that the company has the financial strength and wherewithal to pay any claim today and for years to come.

Erie has some of the lowest auto insurance rates around because it actively finds ways to listen to its customers and find ways to see if they qualify for certain savings.

In fact, Erie promotes a safety driving class that can when completed, instantly save drivers about 10% off their auto insurance premium.  In addition, there are discounts for proven safe drivers, low usage drivers, Military discounts and even students.  In the event a policyholder is ever in an accident, he or she can expect the utmost service from Erie professionals and caring representatives that will assist you in repairing or replacing your vehicle and promptly pay your claim.  Another fast and easy way to get a discount on your Erie Car Insurance is to bundle your home and life policies.  This might sound complicated but as your  agent we can show you in just a few minutes how to save you money by bundling and consolidating all of your personal insurance in just one bill is so easy and hassle free.

With millions of current policyholders, Erie Insurance continues to grow while maintaining its founding principles instilled by its founder.  The company has plans to grow by expanding its insurance coverage into new states like it has in Kentucky and by increasing its online marketing activity.  Request a quote with us today and let us help you start comparing rates.  Requesting a quote only takes a few minutes and there is never any obligation to buy from our agency.  We are saving many Kentuckians money and getting them better coverage by quoting them with Erie Insurance. Click the button below and one of our agents will be with contacting you shortly.


In the state of Kentucky your going to need car insurance. At Erie Insurance Agency we will help you find the most suitable insurance for you at the most reasonable price possible. We even have rate lock! That is where your rates are locked in and the price of your car insurance can not go up unless you make changes to the policy. We also have many more options available, all you got to do is give us your contact info and one of agents will be contact with you.


Your home is where you lie your head and you should never have the risk of losing that. Our home insurance rates are comparable to any other in our great state. Let us help you insure your home from fire,burglary, and many other risk that come with owning or renting a home. You should never risk your most important investment in life. Our agents will be able to access and help you find the most valuable policy for you and your family.


We all die eventually and what better way to leave the ones we love than having a policy that secures their financial future and pays off your remaining debts and burdens. None of us want to hurt the ones we love. This is one of the wisest and most beautiful things you can do for your family. People are amazed at the rates we can get them especially when we bundle them with your home and auto! Call us today and let us help you.

Business and Commercial

If you have a small or big business in Kentucky, you have employee’s, customers, your building and many more things that are at risk everyday. Let us help protect you from these exposures with Erie Commercial Insurance! Our agents are professionals and can help protect you from the major risk of running your business. We are also among the most competitive as far as rates are concerned too! Click the button below and request contact. We will get back with you as soon as possible with rates and strategies that will help strengthen your business and insure that you will be in business for a long time to come!